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Caravaggio, The Inspiration of Saint Matthew
Studying the Bible

Encourage Deeper Bible Study

A Klisia, we love free stuff as we are reminded of the grace of God. We felt led to share some of our favorite study tools—and, you guessed it—many of them are free.  

The Bible is the inerrant Word of God and is authoritative in everything it says.  However, as finite human beings, we often struggle to understand and apply it to our lives. Among the paid tools, some of our editors like Logos Bible Software and Accordance Bible Software. They often have free starter kits and free books. The free e-Sword software has many Bible study tools and commentaries. 

Bible.org has an intuitive study Bible, going deep into the original languages, with commentaries and places for your notes.  Bible Hub has a comprehensive tool to see parallel translations, commentaries, and even sermons. We also like the outlines of biblical books by Chuck Swindoll, Thomas Constable, and Charles Bing.

One exciting resource is the Bible Project, with high-quality animated videos. When we teach at our churches, we often show their videos. 

Understand Our Rich Christian History

The Christian faith is transmitted by the Bible and the faithful teachers throughout church history (2Tim 2:2). The writings of the first believers provide a wealth of resources for the church in the 21st century. Some ancient secular or Jewish writers also help us better understand some controversies in Jesus’ days and the world of the Bible. For instance, notice the powerful imagery in the 6th c. Avdat baptistry in the Negev, where our death to sin in baptism is visually associated with the Cross.

Check these links to free texts from the Church Fathers and other Christian writers. Perseus Digital Library has a vast collection of Greek and Roman primary and secondary texts. The Thesaurus Linguae Graecae has part of its library of Greek literature on open access.

The Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts has a wealth of resources, including high-quality scans of the earliest biblical texts.

The Baptistery Avdat in Negev, AD250-600, is cross-shaped

Prayerfully Engage in Missions

Missionary Imperative

Operation World and the Joshua Project are essential resources to pray for each country’s needs, with a detailed analysis of the current context, people groups, languages, and Bible translation. The Pew Research Center has interesting populational analysis and projections.

Be Prepared to Defend the Faith

The best way to defend the faith (2 Peter 3:15) is to know what we believe. However, it is also profitable to understand what others believe and how to respond to their objections or concerns about our faith. There are good, free apologetics resources, and some of the best are Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry (CARM), Apologetics315, The Center for Apologetics Research, Apologia Report, and the Apologetics Index.

Sometimes is also interesting to research another religion from its proponents’ point of view. This list would be too vast, but the World Religions and Spirituality Project is a good starting pointWorld Religions and Spirituality Project.

Paul preaching in Athens by Raphael is a good reminder of the defense of the faith

Other Contemporary Open-Access Resources

While Klisia is your source for theological books with a clear doctrinal stance, you may want to expand to other fields.

All Open-Access Journals can be accessed at the DOAJ. The Open Access Digital Theological Library mentions some of the resources we described above, but they include others that may be worth checking.

For books in all subjects, you can try the Directory of Open Access Books or the Open Research Library.

Do you know other great free resources?

Let us know!

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