Pessoa no espelho: uma antropologia bíblica

Murilo R. Melo e Scott Horrell (eds.)


About this book

Person at the Mirror: A Biblical Anthropology

PART 1. The Macrostructure of a Christian Anthropology

Worldviews in conflict: What is the human being? Murilo R. Melo
Who am I? The complexity of the human being’s identity (contemplative, existential, social, moral, spiritual, evolving in life). Libnis N. Silva
Biblical words for Christian anthropology; imago Dei: Guiding personal identity. Thiago Souza Moreira
Divine and human “person”: Trinitarian concept in development. Scott Horrell
The Son of God and the sons of God; the ideal template. Sidney Machado

PART 2. Biblical Doctrine About the Individual in His Human Relationships

Man and Woman: The Ideal, the Distortion, and the Christian Vision for Today. Cidrac Ferreira Fontes
Sex: Why? The marital importance: Purposes, pleasures, limits. Marcelo Dias
The family based on the Bible: challenges with children, young people, and grandparents. Gary Parker
God the Father and family fatherhood: parallels and dangers. Ronnie Santos
The single, complete, accomplished, and in process person. Paulo Sant’Anna
Personality and art. Sandra Glahn & Jasmine Sanchez
Geriatrics and theology. Murilo R. Melo

PART 3. Current issues in anthropological psychology-physiology

Neuroscience and the theological relationship of body and soul. Creuse Santos
The human person at its beginning and end (abortion, euthanasia, suicide). Carlos Bacoccina
A Christian response to transhumanism. Filipe Soares

PART 4. Evangelical responses to contemporary social tensions

Feminism: A healthy evangelical response. Ana Luisa de Mello Silva
Biblical-evangelical posture and response to the LBGTQ movement. Lisanias Moura
Church mobilization against human trafficking. Maruilson Souza
Biblical and universal response to Brazilian racism. Welington Brito
The 7 Divisions of Fall. J. Scott Horrell.
The future: Christology and eschatological anthropology. Winnetou Kepler
Public apologetics on the high and beautiful anthropology of the Christian faith. Wellington Estrela

About the Editors 

Murilo R. Melo
Murilo Melo 300aq

Murilo R. Melo is both a theologian and a medical doctor. After receiving his M.D. and specialization in Clinical Pathology, he surrendered his life to Jesus. He got his Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics (Santa Casa de São Paulo, Brazil), became a professor of Medicine, and directed medical laboratories and five medical associations. With a growing passion for the Lord, he and his family moved to Dallas to attend Dallas Theological Seminary, where he received his Th.M. and pursues his Ph.D. He received the John Walvoord Award in Theology (DTS).  He is a visiting professor at SETECA (Guatemala)CDL (Mozambique), and ESWA (Liberia). He also co-teaches theological courses at DTS for the D.Min. Brazil program. He is one of the founders of Klisia and T-Link.

J. Scott Horrell
horrell scott sm

The author of From the Ground Up: New Testament Foundations for the 21st-Century Church, Dr. J. Scott Horrell served as professor of Theological Studies at DTS for 25 years, where he still serves as adjunct-professor. He has been a theologian in various world cultures, including years spent as a missionary in Brazil. Along with cofounding and editing a leading Latin American theological journal, he has written several books in Portuguese and English. He especially loves to introduce students to a global understanding of Christian faith, often taking teams of them with him as he travels.

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