Christian Leadership: Applied Biblical Principles

Richard Everson de Oliveira (ed.)

Christian Leadership

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About this book

Few things are sadder than Christians leaving the church because they are hurt. The church is the body of Christ, a family united by the Holy Spirit, to the glory of God the Father. Yet, in practice, it is messy. We are all sinners in the process of becoming more like Christ. This book considers that Christian leadership makes all the difference in the health of the church, bad leaders hurt the church and, ultimately, dishonor God. Moreover, Christian leadership can and should be actively developed, using biblical principles that help Christian leaders to become more like Jesus: true servant leaders. The authors strike a wonderful balance between human initiative in growing as leaders and spiritual dependence upon God who carries out the changes in the leaders’ hearts and in the churches where they lead. Such balance relies on a profound study of the biblical text, enriched by years of experience in Christian leadership with its joys and pain. The plurality of authors enriches the book with a diversity of experiences, roles in their churches and seminaries, and leadership challenges they faced. Yet, because they are so dependent upon the biblical text, there is also a remarkable unity. Our prayer is that you will become a better servant leader, one that glorifies God and strengthens the body of Christ in all you do, as you are transformed by Him who called you to serve others in His name.

PREFACE – Kevin Bradford

 INTRODUCTION: WHAT IS LEADERSHIP? – Richard Everson de Oliveira



 3) CHRIST-CENTERED LEADERSHIP – Adilson da Silva Cruz

4) THE QUALIFIED LEADER – Ronnie Petterson Evaristo dos Santos

5) FORMING AND DEVELOPING MINISTRY TEAMS – Sidney Roberto Machado da Silva


 7) LEADERSHIP AND VOLUNTEER WORK – Carlos Alberto Bacoccina

8) PLANNING AND LEADERSHIP – Richard Everson de Oliveira

9) LEADERSHIP AND CONFLICT RESOLUTION – Francisco Wellington Estrela dos Santos

10) LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT – Richard Everson de Oliveira


About the Editor

Richard Everson de Oliveira

Richard Everson de Oliveira is married to Yohanna and the father of Ruth and Nathan. He served as pastor for seven years in his home church in Atibaia-SP (1998-2004). Since 2005, he has been involved in ministries focused on theological education and leadership training as a teacher and director at the Word of Life Missionary Institute in Belém do Pará (2005-2019), the Bible Institute in Hungary (2020-2023), and as adjunct professor at Dallas Theological Seminary. Bachelor of Theology from Word of Life Biblical Seminary (1998) and Equatorial Baptist Theological Faculty (2018). Master’s Degree in Divinity from the South American Theological Faculty (2006). Doctorate of Ministry from Dallas Theological Seminary (2016).

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